About Us

François-Luc Linet and Vincent Espinasse at Camion Jaune

I’ve been passionate about trucks since I was a child. According to my mother, I stopped in the street to watch them, even before I started to speak or walk. At the end of my engineering studies, I quickly began collecting them.

Through my 35 years collecting, I have known Vincent Espinasse since the very beginning: first as a customer of his shop, then of his website. These last years, our relationship has evolved into a partnership that eventually resulted in Camion Jaune… Auto Jaune’s little cousin.

The opening of Camion Jaune’s website, early 2018, allows me to combine my passion for the trucks with my affection for the collectors you are.

Before that, all my travels in France and abroad led me to resellers of miniatures. I regularly attended truck exchanges, events and fairs related to model making, auctions … looking for pieces that would fit in my own windows. Now I’m pursuing this quest, but for you. And I had a lot of fun putting together the models that I’m presenting to you today. They were chosen with particular care in all areas.

You will find trucks, of course, but also motorhomes, caravans, armored cars, firefighters, construction equipment … generally at the 43rd, but together with press models and rare and older pieces.

I hope you’ll feel as comfortable at Camion Jaune as you do at Auto Jaune, and that you will visit it regularly.

I look forward to answering your requests.

See you soon!

P.S.: A website is only a showcase, behind it, you should know there is a true passionate – just like you –, who is eager to exchange with you and meet your expectations. So, please, feel free to contact me, and make this offer evolve together.

François Linet

Phone :  + 33 6 71 83 98 44
Mail :  contact@camionjauneparis.com